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alexis carlisle is her name. she is said to have uncombed black hair, brown eyes. she was last seen wearing an orange shirt, blue jeans, and a pink jacket. police believe she was abducted by these two individuals coming up here in this video. eric eugene black, age 41, and jennifer carlisle. she's 35 years old, described as having red hair and green eyes. you may notice that her last name carlisle matches the last name of the little girl who is missing here, although we're not sure of the relationship between them. again, she was last seen 4:30 thursday afternoon. she was in halifax, virginia, 1076 lower liberty road. that was the address where she was last seen thursday afternoon. now, we believe that her abductors may be heading from halifax here to the washington, d.c. area. police have information that makes them believe that they may be on the move again to our area. there is a lookout for a car. they may be driving a 1985
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nissan station wagon with a virginia license plate number of snj 9177. anyone who has information about the whereabouts of this little girl and these two individuals, you are asked to call 911. reporting live in fairfax, megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you all in the studio. >> megan mcgrath. megan, thank you. >> let's turn to tom kierein and get a first look at the forecast. a chill still in the area on this friday morning. you might need an umbrella too. a disturbance passing south and east of the metro area. those patches of green in southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore. those are sprinkles passing south and east of the metro area and moving off to the north and east. areas in the light blue are in the 40s. that includes much of virginia, southern maryland, and lower eastern shore farther north from charles county, prince george's, and anne arundel north into montgomery county and the district. generally, upper 30s to around 40 degrees.
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loudoun virginia from west to the shenandoah valley. upper 30s. much of the shenandoah valley west, it's below freezing in the upper 30s and low 20s. upper 20s. by noon, a little sun breaking out, upper 40s. by midafternoon, ought to hit the low to mid-50s and getting increasingly sunny. bit of a blustery northeast wind. i'll show you your friday evening forecast in ten minutes. a look at traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. we have a disabled vehicle. let's start 395 as you make your way northbound toward 110, it's blocking the right lane in this area. keep an eye on the road work. as you make your way towards the key bridge, work zone set up outbound as well as inbound. it's a little tricky. use caution if traveling this road. also, good news if you're traveling the inner loop of the beltway. this a work zone set up there. now these travel lanes are open and the rails.
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checking the metro, marc, and vre, no reported delays at this time. aaron and eun, back over to you. rocket fire from gaza landing in southern israel. the israeli military says some 350 rockets fired into israel this week with nearly 100 fired today alone. one rocket hit a house. no one was hurt. a brief cease fire between the israelis and palestinians collapsed. two were supposed to stop fighting while they visited the area today. melissa mollet is live with more on this. melissa, good morning. >> good morning. the israeli military has consigned troops, a sign relations could collapse further. more than two dozen people have been killed during the past three days of fierce fighting in that region. at the live desk, melissa mollet, news 4. today congress will finally hear from david petraeus in their search for answers about september's deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi,
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libya. the former cia director will testify before the senate and house intelligence committees. the general visited libya shortly after the attack which killed four americans, including ambassador chris stevens. they began holding closed door hearings yesterday. they watched a video of the attack. senator saxby chambliss, the ranking republican on the senate committee says that made it clear terrorists carried out the attack. petraeus resigned from the cia after admitting he had an affair. now the cia is looking into his conduct. it's opening an exploratory investigation to make sure petraeus did not use any cia resources inappropriately. they've already cleared him of mishandling classified information. petraeus' mistress may have troubles of her own. the fbi says it's still investigating paula broadwell. the army reservist has had her security clearance revoked as well. broadwell had classified information, but it came from her time researching petraeus'
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career for her biography, which she wrote. investigators spoke to broadwell two weeks ago about the information. they finally told national intelligence director james clapper about the information four days later. today congress is looking into spending practices that runs d.c.'s two major airports. the authority's chairman and transportation secretary ray lahood are expects to testify. getting around one of the most heavily traveled parts of the beltway in virginia should get a little easier starting tomorrow. the 495 express lanes open on saturday. the 14-mile stretch of toll lanes run between springfield and the dulles toll road. here's the promise. you'll be able to go at least 45 miles per hour even at rush hour. that is thanks to varying tolls that charge based on congestion and could cost as much as $1 a mile.
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you will need an ez pass to ride the lanes. the lanes actually open to one special driver today. santa will ride the lanes in a tesla roadster convertible on his way to his workshop at tyson's corner. he's everywhere. he has workshops everywhere. 5:06 is our time. the white house and congressional leaders finally ready to get to work on avoiding the fiscal cliff.
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panda experts preparing a mother and her young daughter to live in the wild. they're being moved to panda valley. once there, they'll learn to live without much contact. they'll eventually be freed into the wild. researchers hope to release more pandas into the wild to cut back on abnormalities and deaths among panda cubs. we wish them the best. it's tough. humans feeding them and
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socialization, and they live and they're on their on. >> you want them to do well on their own, where they're supposed to be. live look outside at the nation's capital on another chilly, chilly morning. tom keeping his eye on the forecast. >> good morning. a live view of the jefferson memorial under a cloudy sky. this morning a few scattered sprinkles around south and east of the metro area mainly. that's going to be ending over the next couple of hours. may still be lingering 6:00, 7:00 this morning. at noontime, sun breaking out around the region. ought to hit low to mid-50s by midafternoon with increasing sunshine. all clear by 6:00 p.m. upper 40s by then. here's your friday evening planner if you're heading out tonight and going to any high school games. we'll be under a clear sky, and it will be chilly in the mid to low 40s by late evening. we'll have a light wind. a look at the weekend into next week, seven-day outlook in ten minutes. here's a look at traffic with
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danella. good morning. >> good morning. checking the roadways, if you're traveling along i-95 in virginia, look at it right now. travel lanes are open. a live look as you make your way northbound past the rest area. nice and clear. southbound as well as that from the beltway to the rest area, no issues there. northbound continuing towards the springfield interchange. here's a live look. no issues connecting to the beltway. let's take a look if you're traveling along 29 in maryland. along 29 from columbia between the beltway, no issue. nice and clear. no accidents. not seeing any construction. i'm back in ten. aaron and eun, over to you. >> thanks, danella. he disobeyed his mother. we'll show you why that decision by one teenager proved to be a lifesaver.
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officer dave wizniewski was
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hit. the driver was at a funeral before the crash. they say fatigue may be to blame. tragedy just moments before a parade for wounded veterans. a train headed straight for a parade float carrying veterans and their wives. for too many, it was too late. four people died and seven people sent to the hospital when a union pacific train crashed into the float. they were just minutes away from being honored for their service. >> this may be one of the more tragic events in our town, and it's a sad day. i was with these guys today. i shook their hands personally, met their wives. truly was an honor to be in their presence. these guys are true american heroes. >> union pacific says the train sounded its horn as it approached and crossing lights and gates were working at the time. lawyers for penn state and a key witness in jerry sandusky's sex abuse trial will be back in court today.
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the school wants to delay mike mcqueary's defamation lawsuit until after january when the murder trial for two former university administrators is set to begin. mcqueary testified he saw sandusky attack a little boy in the showers in 2001. sandusky is serving a 30 to 60-year prison sentence for abusing young boys. he plans to appeal. monday marks three weeks since the east coast was slammed by hurricane sandy. towns in new york and new jersey still have plenty of cleanup to do, and today members of the obama administration will tour the damage. today homeland security secretary janet napolitano will visit fema's field office along with secretary of housing and urban development sean donovan. it comes a day after president obama toured the damage on staten island. and incredible video shows what it was like in new york city just as sandy made landfall. the new york port authority just released this surveillance video of water gushing into the busiest subway stations. the storm sent 20-foot waves
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slamming into manhattan, seriously damaging the city's 100-year-old subway system. the military is looking into what caused one of the most advanced fighter jets to go down on an air force base. the f-22 crashed yesterday on tindal air force base while returning from a training mission. the air force stopped flying the f-22 for several months after some pilots complained about becoming dizzy at the controls. they blamed the problem on a shortage of oxygen delivered to pilots. the air force was starting to lift flight restrictions on the f-22. today congressional leaders head to the white house to begin talks to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. president obama and democrats insist that any plan to lift the deficit include tax increases on the wealthy. republicans say they'll accept new tax revenue but not higher tax rates. both sides must reach a deal by the end of the year to avoid steep tax hikes for most americans and deep spending cuts. one prominent republican calls
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mitt romney's comments about the election dumb. louisiana governor bobby jindal rejects mitt romney's notion in part that president obama won the election because of gifts he'd given to blacks, hispanics, and young people. jindal says that people need to modernize the party. scott walker, wisconsin's governor, also says he disagrees with romney's assessment. mark warner introduced legislation to make voting faster nationwide. he wants to give grants to states to make it easier to vote early. there would be other incentives for states that encourage early voting. warner says it's unacceptable that some virginiians had to wait in line for five hours to cast their ballots last tuesday. fedex and u.p.s. are the targets of a criminal investigation of online pharmacies. a fedex spokesperson says it has
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to do with delivering packages sent by online pharmacies. yesterday a san francisco jury convicted three men of operating illegal pharmacies that used fedex and u.p.s. to deliver drugs without a proper prescription. fedex denies any wrongdoing. thafr calling the probe absurd. state lawmakers have more time to decide how to built the health insurance marketplaces after the federal government extended a deadline that was supposed to be today. the deadline is over whether states want to build new health care markets over the federal care act. many governors complained the feds haven't given enough information about how they would do it. now governors have until december 14th to decide. the new mexico peanut plant linked to a salmonella outbreak shipped tainted peanut butter to retailers even after internal tests found nine types of salmonella according to the fda. the 11-page report says that employees of sunland
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incorporated improperly handled equipment, failed to wash their hands, and had bare handed contact with ready to package peanuts. the company issued a recall after 70 salmonella cases were reported. ten of the country's top universities have signed onto a plan to offer online courses for college credit. they're forming an online program called semester online. unlike previous online courses that have unlimited enrollment and are free of charge, this would focus on small 10 to 15 person classes. students would have to meet add mirgs requirements and pay tuition. among the colleges taking part, duke, umc, northwestern, emery, and notre dame. >> it's a sign of the times. that's how the kids are doing it these days. on the computers, on the ipad they're taking classes now. >> just about 5:21. time for weather and traffic on the ones.
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meteorologist tom kierein has the del tayes. >> on your storm team 4 app, seeing sprinkles of rain. you're getting this over the carolinas. looks like it was going to go pretty much east. it has taken a bit of a turn to the north overnight. it has brought these sprinkles now, these areas of light green into anne arundel, northern calvert county. extreme eastern prince george's county. there may be a few trying to reach the ground in montgomery and arlington and fairfax. does look like it's reaching the ground. only about .01 inch of total precipitation in the northern neck and southern st. mary's county in the lower eastern shore where temperatures in the low to mid-40s. closer to washington, it's in the upper 30s to near 40s. that's right on the beltway in prince george's southern montgomery, arlington. western fairfax, northern montgomery, down in mid to upper 30s, but all above freezing. farther north, frederick into washington county, panhandle of west virginia, shenandoah valley into the mountains of west virginia. right now temperatures there are
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in the upper 20s. here's how things are looking for the rest of the period into the week ind. a few of these morning sprinkles and sun breaking out this afternoon. highs reaching the mid-50s by midafternoon. cold start to saturday morning, down near freezing. saturday afternoon should be climbing into the low 50s. then sunday, monday, and all the way into wednesday each day, chilly mornings, but above freezing. and chilly afternoons, only in the low to mid-50s. does look like thanksgiving day we should be sunny with a high around 60 degrees. warmest day of the period here coming up towards the end of next week. i'll return in ten minutes. a look at your traffic now with danella. good morning. >> good morning. i'm checking the roadways. let's start with the dulles access road. earlier this morning along the access road at hunter mill road. a work zone set up blocking the left lane. it's now gone. travel lanes are open. let's head up to i-270, nice commute as you make your way from urbana heading towards
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clarksburg. a live look at the germantown area. no issues as you continue southbound. northbound as well, connecting to the beltway from i-270, heading across the american legion bridge, nice and clear in both directions. i'm back in ten minutes. at that time, we'll check rails. aaron and eun, back over to you. thousands of fairfax county drivers may be in for a smoother commute this morning. vdot opened two new bridges on the fairfax county parkway. that means you won't have to sit at traffic lights between poached head road and route 50. should make it faster to get to the fair lakes shopping center and fair oaks mall. some track work will likely slow you down this weekend on metro. work on four of the five lines. starting tonight at 5:00. single tracking on the red line at forest glen and between stadium armory on the blue line. tonight single tracking on the orange line between east and west falls church. tomorrow only you can expect single tracking on the blue and yellow lines between pentagon city and reagan national
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airport. everything should be back to normal on monday. until then, just wait. this morning a local hospital is defending itself after a woman says a doctor left a drill bit in her foot after surgery. a spokesperson for medstar montgomery medical center said the doctor and the hospital immediately addressed the situation when they heard about it. in a statement, they said, "the hospital maintains a quality assurance review." the woman is from rockville and plans to sue the doctor and the hospital for malpractice. eating fish can help avoid postpartum depression in women. women's omega-3 fatty acid levels drop during pregnancy and remain low after birth. lots of fish, including salmon, are rich in fatty acid. researchers say more studies are needed for the link. it seems the omega-3s are good for so many things. and you can take supplements. normally, when a child disobeys a parent, they're in some sort of trouble, some
5:25 am
consequences. >> not the case this time for one 13-year-old boy in florida. doctors say his behavior, quite frankly, saved his mother's life. it was a few ago bridget and hunter graham were driving home in cape coral when bridget began having chest pains. she was able to pull the car over ais father. he said, no, he was going to call 911. hunter said he recently learned about heart attacks in his middle school health class and knew his mom was having one. >> mr. mon tag taught me what the symptoms of a heart attack were. when she said she had pain in her chest and it was shooting through her arms, that was one of the signs. >> paramedics were able to rush bridget to the hospital. she is expected to make a correct recovery. not only did he know what to do, he had the presence of mind not to freak out and do what he knows to do. coming up, we're tracking breaking news in virginia as state police are asking for your help in finding a missing girl. [ female announcer ] we invited women to see
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looking at stories making headlines at 5:28. . president and congress trying to find a way to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> family grieving after the trial of a bowie university student. welcome back to "news 4 today" on this friday, november 16th. we're following breaking news out of virginia now. an amber alert for a missing 1-year-old girl. take a look at your tv screen. this is alexis carlisle. she was last seen in halifax county in south side, virginia. this was taken by these two people, eric black and jennifer carlisle. police aren't releasing any information about their relationship to the little girl at this point, but they say they
5:30 am
believe alexis is in extreme danger. now, investigators believe they may be headed to the d.c. area or already here. they might be driving a brown, 1985 nissan station wagon with the license plate you see on the screen xnj 9177. if you see alexis carlisle or a car with plates that match what you see here, you should call police immediately. let's get a first check of the forecast. meteorologist tom kierein off to a cold start. >> a few sprinkles for our viewers on our south and eastern suburbs. as you step out the door, you might need an umbrella. these are coming in from the south heading north. passing east of the metro area, might be a few people trying to reach the ground in montgomery and prince george's county. most in southern prince george's county parts of anne arundel and northern calvert. may have a few sprinkles on the
5:31 am
calvert line. on the eastern shore, one shower in cambridge drifting up towards easton over the next half hour or so. all above freezing. generally upper 30s to mid-30s in the northern suburbs. mid-40s southern suburbs. upper 20s and low 30s. as we take a look hour by hour, here's your forecast for this friday. you might need an umbrella if you live in southern and eastern suburbs over the next couple of hours. by noon, a little sun breaking out and partly cloudy over the afternoon. we'll have a light breeze, and it will be warm compared to what it's been the last couple of days. mid-50s midafternoon. i'm back with your seven day. if you're traveling along 395, this time southbound. boundary channel drive. good news here, had a disabld vehicle. travel lanes open. as you make your way northbound
5:32 am
from the 14th street bridge, nice clear trip into the district. not clear is the key bridge. if you're crossing over the key bridge, a couple of things to look out for as you head inbound as well as outbound near work street. work zone is in place. it's a little tricky to work around. use caution. 5:32 now. today david petraeus will finally testify before congress about september's deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. it comes one week to the day after he stepped down as cia director after admitting he had an affair. nbc's tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: testimony scheduled to start two hours from now. both from the house and the senate. they want to learn what he investigated with the deadly attack in benghazi. they wanted to learn whether or not any issues regarding his resignation, his affair coming up, we don't know. this is behind closed doors. we do know the cia is investigating its former boss,
5:33 am
petraeus, saying they want to know whether agency resources were used in that affair. the focus here is going to be benghazi, and particularly what u.n. ambassador susan rice did shortly after the attack, that it was spontaneous. that turned out not to be true. democrats and republicans thursday sparred over whether the administration intentionally misled the public. >> this administration, including the president himself, has intentionally misinformed -- read that lied -- to the american people in the aftermath of this tragedy. >> if you want to know who is responsible in this town, buy yourself a mirror. >> reporter: now, both republicans and democrats on the house and senate side had briefings yesterday with the fbi and the cia. they saw realtime video of the attacks. today's hearing with petraeus -- in fact, both of them are also closed. we won't see him testify on camera, but the senate leaders say at least for their
5:34 am
committee, the senate intelligence committee, they're planning to have an open public hearing on this probably in a couple of weeks. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us this morning. breaking news from the middle east. escalating violence during what was supposed to be a cease fire. israelis and palestinians agreed to stop fighting during a visit from the egyptian prime minister. new video shows him arriving on the gaza strip. at least 85 rockets have exploded within 45 minutes in gaza city. one missile destroyed a house. no one was hurt. nearly 30 people have died in the middle east violence this week, 5 were children. news 4's melissa mollet with breaking news on the situation we're following in israel and gaza. we have new information we just got for you out of the region. the guardian right now reporting at least one hospital in gaza is facing a major fuel shortage.
5:35 am
right now so many people coming in from the attacks, no icu beds left. right now they're trying to evacuate people out to egypt. inchts violence in the middle east has touched a nerve in our region. two large groups protested outside the white house. one supporting israel and one palestinians. both groups had messages for the obama administration. >> we're very wary and frightened and anxious about what's going to happen in the next four years to come. >> israelis are safer because of u.s. support and the strong u.s. relationship. we're here to thank him, thank the administration, and ensure the continued support of israel from the united states. >> secret service police and a metal fence separated the two groups. a not guilty verdict capped off an emotional three days in the bowie state university murder trial. after just a few hours of deliberations, a jury acquitted alexis simpson on seven charges, including first degree murder.
5:36 am
she was accused of stabbing her roommate dominique frazier. the two got into a fight over loud music in their dorm. defense attorneys argued that simpson was bullied, and while fighting back, the stabbing happened. simpson took the stand in the final day of testimony. they say her story helped the jurors make a decision. >> this was a self-defense question. there's no question alexis, in my mind, acted in self-defense. we are very gratified by the verdict. >> we presented the evidence as it was, and the jury gave us their verdict. >> sheriff's deputies escorted the 12 jurors from the courthouse, and they did not comment on the case. the frazier family also did not speak publicly after the verdict. right now police need your help finding a missing person in prince george's county. the 90-year-old saki mcgurin last seen leaving her home along eastern avenue in chillum. she may be driving a gray toyota corolla. if you see her, call police
5:37 am
immediately. a week from now, many of you may be trying to get the best black friday deals out there. there's a chance, if you're at walmart, there might not be any employees around. the daily mail says many walmart employees are threatening their biggest walk-out every on black friday in several cities across the country, including washington. labor rights enthusiasts have not said which stores employees, where they'll do this, but it is expected to be a small percentage of the stores nationwide. 5:37 is our time right now. is the twinkie destined to disappear? what we're learning about a labor dispute that could doom hostess.
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. we could learn this morning whether twinkies will become a thing of the past. hostess threatened striking employees it would liquidate if they did not return to work by 5:00 last night. if they go forward with dismantling the company, operations could shut down forever next week, a move that
5:41 am
would eliminate all the company's 18,000 jobs. >> and we've been lamenting the potential loss of twinkies, but the loss of jobs is the big story. a lot of people's livelihoods could be changed, and we can't take it too lightly. >> let's take a look at our forecast for 5:41. tom? >> good morning. storm team 4 radar showing a few sprinkles shout and east of the metro area coming from a weak low that's been passing to the north over the last several hours. may be a few scattered sprinkle oefrs t over the metro area for another hour or two. here's your hour by hour forecast. midafternoon, ought to hit 50s with increasing sunshine. it will be chilly with a light wind. danella has a look at traffic. good morning. >> good morning. happy friday. roads pretty clear this morning. here's a live look as you make your way along 301. checking things out in clinton, maryland, fort washington, even accokeek. not seeing any accidents there.
5:42 am
let's take a closer look at the beltway, as you're looping around a live look at pennsylvania avenue, nice and clear. aaron and eun, back over to you. it is now 5:41. 41 degrees. trying to make your commute a little easier. what you need to know about virginia's new express lanes.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
vdo hopes you'll be able to cruise around with the saturday morning opening of the express lanes. before they do, we want to make sure you know exactly how they work. those two lanes actually stretch for 14 miles on the inner loops and outer loops in northern virginia between the dulles toll road and springfield. the promises that you'll be able to go at least 45 miles per hour even at rush hour. to keep all that traffic moving, the toll cost will rise and fall based on how much congestion there is. you'll be able to see the current price posted on electronic signs. it could cost as much as $1 a mile, but you will be charged whatever rate is posted when you actually enter the lane. now, you will need to have an easy pass to ride the all electronic lanes. you can use the one that you already own or get the easy pass complex. the complex will actually let you avoid the toll by kwar pooling with three or more people. all you have to do is flip that
5:46 am
easy pass switch at the bottom of the device. so it says hov on like it says here before you enter the lanes. keep in mind state troopers will be watching to make sure enough people are in that car. you may see one car cruising the lanes. santa will use the toll road to get to his workshop in tyson's corner. don't expect any rain. he'll be driving a tesla roadster convertible. >> the opening of express lanes seems to be creating a little envy across the river. in some maryland are questioning why there isn't a similar plan along the roadway. some are wondering when rip van maryland will awake from its slumber. montgomery county leaders also fed up with the lack of progress. >> the state does not have any dollars, and right now they have no plans. so the combination of no dollars and no plans, we're just shaking our heads and saying, please, guys, focus on this. >> there is a proposal that calls for turning some shoulder lanes into bus only lanes on the maryland side, but there are
5:47 am
complaints it is not a long-term fix. 5:46 right now. the principal of a d.c. high school is expected in court after being arrested on an assault charge. thelma jarrett is the principal at coolidge high school in d.c. police say jarrett and two other employees attacked a woman during a high school football game earlier this month. the victim's husband says he has no idea what led to that attack. >> she don't know what led to that attack. she was punched blind sided and kicked after that. i just want justice, outrage. >> jarrett remains on administrative leave from her job at coolidge high school although the mayor has said publicly he doesn't know how she'll go back to that job. the man seen here recently assaulted a teenage girl in the bathroom of a public library. the 17-year-old girl says she was stud yilling anything at th jefferson library in if falls church on tuesday when she saw a man watching her.
5:48 am
when she tried to hide in the ladies room, he man followed her in, assaulted her, and ran off. a series of armed robberies near a metro stop in maryland has one community concerned. police met with people who live near the morgan boulevard metro station last night. many who live in apartments across the street say they're scared for their safety. there have been two armed robberies in the past week. one woman described how her boyfriend had to run for his life during a robbery last month. >> he was outside smoking a cigarette, and two teenagers came up to him and asked him for his phone. he said no. they said, well, we're going to take it for you. so he ended up running and going through another door and entering the home. >> police say they are investigating the cases. officers also discuss a number of ways to prevent crime with residents, including staying on lit pathways at night and urging them not to walk alone. parents and teachers are pushing d.c. to keep 20 schools off its list to be closed. d.c. schools chancellor kaya
5:49 am
henderson proposed closing those 20 schools earlier this week at a public hearing last night. henderson said money is the primary reason for the closures. she said there is simply too few students in too many schools. one community activist said safety is a concern if the district consolidates schools. >> and you'd be having kids cross a highway. there's really no safe passage for the kids to walk through. sending kindergarteners across a highway to get to school which they have no relation to is very, very disconcerting. >> henderson proposed renting out the buildings once the schools are closed. d.c. mayor vincent gray and the chancellor are expected to make a decision in february. today d.c.'s canal park will officially open. the park is in the capital riverfront area of southeast washington. one of the big attractions of the park will be an ice rink, which will offer free skating and skate rental from 12:00 to
5:50 am
2:00 today. work on the park began in 2007. it's part of the effort to redo the waterfront. several more residents are coming to the area in several months. get your skates on. construction is finally under way soon on a major redevelopment project in northwest washington after a long delay. cathedral commons will include apartments and several stores, including a new giant. the project was delayed for 12 years. the project should be done in 2014. if "twilight" isn't your thing, there's another movie opening this weekend getting rave reviews and oscar buzz. "lincoln" opens today, and tickets are going pretty fast. last night was a very special screening at the white house. president obama hosted cast and crew members. one of the movie's producers said that the president was incredibly moved by the film. director steven spielberg, actor daniel day lewis, who played abraham lincoln, and sally field
5:51 am
were all said to be in attendance. they shot a lot of scenes of the movie in the richmond area. a lot of people excited to see this one. >> daniel day lewis is a genius. he's brilliant in everything he's done. he's amazing. you add steven spielberg and sally field. >> and the story. lincoln's story is amazing watch. >> so many movies to watch. "skyfall," "argo." i don't have the time. >> i've seen that. and twilight, of course. >> of course. >> and tom kierein is watching the skies this morning. they're producing a few sprinkles around mainly south and east of washington. we talked about sprinkles and different types of weather when i visited bowie high school's ann annex. this was on wednesday in prince george's county and talked to a special needs program there. i want to thank teachers karen morrissey and cheryl alt for the invitation to talk to these students at bowie high school in prince george's county on wednesday.
5:52 am
as we take a look now, there's capitol hill. at reagan national, it's at 43. quite a bit of cloudiness around, but no sprinkles there at reagan national. however, there are a few showing up on the satellite radar image here over the last couple of hours. we have a system that was in the carolinas yesterday, looked like it was going to go pretty much east. it's taken a turn to the north. as a result, those areas in green, those are sprinkles. maybe trying to reach the ground in montgomery, howard, parts of prince george's, charles, calvert, anne arundel, northern neck, and eastern shore. farther west, it's clear shenandoah valley and into the mountains where it is cold once again. they are at or below freezing much of that region. look at elkins down to 23. much of the seine dhenandoah va much of the clouds generally upper 30s to low 40s in the area. south and east, where they're getting those sprinkles. by 7:00 a.m., still cloudy, still a possibility of sprinkles for the metro area. a clearing taking place. we'll be dropping from the mid-30s all the way up to upper
5:53 am
40s. we'll continue to climb that way by noontime with a little sun breaking out and the northerly breeze. the rest of the afternoon, we ought to hit the mid-50s with increasing sunshine. if you're going out tonight, we'll be under a clear sky. by dawn saturday, much of the region near freezing tomorrow morning. bright and sunny day, sill chilly. highs reaching low 50s. sunday partly sunny. highs reaching low 50s. should be a great day for the eagles at fedex field. monday, tuesday, wednesday, getaway day. mid-50s to upper 50s by wednesday. thanksgiving day, sunny, maybe near 60 degrees. danella's here now with a look at your traffic. good morning. >> good morning. first 4 traffic office, still keeping an eye on the key bridge. here you see road work right at "m" street. as you head outbound, gets a little tricky. outbound, just be aware of that, follow directions. let's head over to the wilson bridge. nice and clear as you make your way across in both directions.
5:54 am
volume pretty light. and crossing over the american legion bridge, a live look on the outer loop as well as the inner loop. traffic is starting to increase in volume but not too much. i did have the opportunity yesterday to visit elizabeth sea ton high school in prince george's county. shout out to the varsity -- jv cheerleaders. i just want to thank the entire school. it was a great day. they asked great questions. and a big shout out to the guidance counselor there and an entire shout out to the family. it was a great day. >> where are you doing the cartwheel? i want to see that photo. turns out human error stopped the metro trains during the time change this month. there was a communications breakdown in the control center. trains were supposed to keep running another hour when daylight savings time ended on november 4th. the examiner asked about discipline for the mistake, and
5:55 am
the commander responded, quote, everyone makes mistakes. the transit system is finding new ways to warn you about possible delays. metro installing flat screen displays at stations that will show delay information, out aelr outages and the status of all five lines. the screens could help people decide whether they want to enter the station and also for people who don't get e-mail alerts. the warning period is over. you will now be fined if you're caught on camera speeding in one part of takoma park. police set up two newportable cameras on the intersection of carroll avenue and ethan allen avenue. one camera in both directions. police are targeting drivers going 12 miles or more over the speed limb. frustrated by the new apple maps app on your iphone. google is ready to help. shartia brantley is live with that story and more. good morning. >> good morning, eun.
5:56 am
the battle between apple and google over the map apps is heating up. "the wall street journal" reports google is putting the final touches on a new app that will work on apple phones. if it's accepted into apple's itunes store, it will compete directly with apple's new mapping software that comes preinstalled on the iphone and ipad. now, apple removed google maps as a standard app when it release the its latest operating software ios 6 back in september. but that move back fired when customers complained apple's map app is majorly flawed. and retailers are targeting post pie commerce this year. that's a rise in shopping created by smart phones and tablets. more consumers are now grabbing their devices after thanksgiving dinner. before rise of smartphones and tablets, it was socially unacceptable to pull out a laptop after thanksgiving dinner or fire up the pc, but ebay is calling this a new shopable moment. in a recent survey, two-thirds of people say holiday sales
5:57 am
should begin after thanksgiving dipper, and their meals will end on average at 5:23 p.m. eastern. so, guys, based on that feedback, ebay will launch 20 mobile only deals right at 5:23 p.m. eastern on thursday. >> oh, my goodness. you've got to time everything exactly, get on your phones. all right. shartia brantley. sh shartia, thank you. >> take care. if we're at a rest ant or d dinner, you put the phone right on the table. hate that. >> i know some people make excuses about that. if you didn't get your morning cup of coffee, check out the latest way to get caffeine. cracker jacks. >> they're called cracker jacked. they pack the same amount of v caffeine as a cup of coffee. some consumer safety groups say they violate federal regulations. not sure when cracker jacked hits the stores.
5:58 am
>> are you going to try it? >> probably not. at 6:00, why texting may be on the way out.
5:59 am

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